UPDATE: Version bump - alpha97

Hi All,

This is the changes from latest update :slight_smile:

Bugfixes, updated dependencies, build system updates and moved some methods from Storage to Authenticator module



These methods were moved from Storage to Authentication module:

  • getGroups()
  • getBlacklist()
  • setBlacklist()

If you have any custom modules, you’ll need to refactor this.

Also, if you use PAM or Shadow authentication, the group/blacklist configuration has been moved to auth instead of storage, so if you’ll have to cut/paste your settings if you’ve modified these.


You can now specify which repositories to build with

node osjs build:packages --repositories=NAME,...


  • WM: Change window spawn behavior
  • FileManager: Add upload dialog on native file drops
  • MusicPlayer: Added workaround for seeker not having correct start/end
  • Dialogs: Fixed ‘undefined’ in message for upload dialog
  • Dialogs: Fixed file upload dialog not closing progress
  • Core: Removed deprecated ‘handler’ BC (#572)
  • API: Updated loading indication methods
  • server-node: Support for setting ‘hostname’ http option
  • server-node: Moved some methods from ‘Storage’ to ‘Authenticator’
  • server-php: Moved some methods from ‘Storage’ to ‘Authenticator’
  • build: Updated dist template
  • build: Added support to specify repos on ‘build:packages’
  • misc: Add '.woff` extension to MIME config
  • misc: Updated dependencies
  • misc: Some general bugfixes
  • misc: Updated INSTALL
  • misc: Updated eslint