UPDATE: Version bump - alpha94

Hi All,

Here’s the changelog for the latest release.

I forgot to merge a branch, so techically this is release 95. Sorry about that.

Added support for ‘generic’ node modules that loads on server start.
Also updated mouse/pointer handling in some cases for better compability.

  • UI: Added PointerEvent compability
  • UI: Added MSPointerEvent compability
  • UI: Prevent Windows 8.x+ gesture events from blocking interactions
  • Themes: Some corrections to paddings in CoreWM
  • CoreWM: Removed some innerHTML usage
  • package-manager: Replaced a static path definition
  • server-node: Added support for ‘generic’ modules
  • server-node: Updated compability check
  • locales: Updated fr_FR
  • locales: Updated no_NO
  • misc: Updated some locales
  • misc: Removed some temporary files from codebase