UPDATE: Version bump - alpha93

Hi All,

I’m also going to post the older releases here since I did not make any posts for these as they were very small updates.

Mostly bugfixes, but also added the ‘–optimization’ build flag and changed package layout so server files are in a dedicated ‘server’ directory. If you want to use the new directory feature, use the ‘main’ setting in your package metadata file (see included).

Example, move your file to server/main.js, then:

  // ...
  "main": {
    "node": "server/main.js"
  // ...

The directory will automatically be removed from your dist build.

Also is the new --optimization build flag:

node osjs build --optimization=normal # Default
node osjs build --optimization=all # Slower but smaller
node osjs build --optimization=none # Quick but big
  • Preview: Added error message when opening location without mime
  • Settings: Added some exception handling to certain async events
  • CoreWM: Prevent an error in weather panel item when destroyed
  • VFS: Fixed creation of empty files
  • GUI: Improved error handler in drop event
  • connection: Added ‘offline’ and ‘online’ event
  • server-node: Added some signals on instance start/stop
  • server-node: Updates to ‘sane’ shutdown
  • server-node: Prevent falsy error message when loading modules
  • server: Support custom main server file via manifest
  • build: Remove ‘server’ files automatically from dist packages
  • build: Added optimization option to build
  • misc: Updated package.json dependencies
  • misc: Some linting, fixed broken icons
  • misc: Packages now have dedicated ‘server’ folder for server-side code


Adds new handling of user package resources.


Added theme overlay support. Updated zip handling in user-installable packages.

  • server-node: Updated user-installable package handling
  • build: Updated help
  • build: Support for theme overlays
  • build: Separated sound theme build from main
  • misc: Updated bin/add-user.js
  • misc: Updated Grunt tests
  • misc: Changed from ‘unzip’ to ‘unzip-stream’ library
  • misc: Updated package.json dependencies


This is a minor release that cleans up icon and sound themes. Paves the way for SVG icon themes as all duplicates has been eliminated. Also makes for a smaller total build size (and quicker builds.)