UPDATE: Version bump - alpha86

Hi All,

An early release again. This time “dist-dev” has been removed entirely.

You can use “osjs watch” to automatically build changes. Use the "–debug"
flag on “build” and “run” task(s) to enable full debugging (and to disable
some caching, etc.)

This does not change or break anything, but if you used “dist-dev” in a
webserver configuration or a script (etc), you’ll have to make some updates.

These changes brings a good speed improvement to the client (especially
loading times), reduces a lot of complexity in the build system and makes
things less confusing.

The “boot” code has now also moved to the index.html, wich is contained
within the dist template(s). So if you use a custom one, you’ll have to
add a small snippet in the bottom of your file(s)



  • Bootstrap: Added ‘restart’ method
  • Dialogs: Updated locales
  • API: Added ‘modal’ option for createDialog() options
  • API: Added options to api call method to control indicators etc
  • Themes: Updated resize handles
  • client: Removed ‘init.js’
  • server-php: Added ‘headers’ from curl response
  • build: Retired ‘dist-dev’ directory
  • build: Removed --target from build system
  • build: Added --debug to ‘build’ task
  • build: Added --debug to ‘run’ task
  • build: Added ‘clean’ task
  • build: Now always makes sourcemaps
  • build: Now always compresses
  • build: Added bootstrap to index.html
  • build: Updated watcher
  • build: Updated help
  • misc: Updated tests
  • misc: Updated Windows install script
  • misc: Updated ‘osjs’ script
  • misc: Updated travis
  • misc: Updated Dockerfile
  • misc: Updated Vagrantfile
  • misc: Updated package.json dependencies