UPDATE: Version bump - alpha85

Hi All,

Normally I post these every 30 days, but a lot of bugs were uncovered in the recent release (a lot of events from Sentry, which I’ve set up), so I saw it fit to make another release.

Also, I’m glad to tell you there’s been several improvements to the touch handling system, and the UI is now fully scalable :smile:

An early release containing mainly bugfixes. UI is now completely scalable and touch
handling has been updated.



  • UI: Using ‘ems’ for everything in styles
  • UI: Added font-size related to device screen size
  • UI: Fully scalable interface
  • UI: Improved touch handling
  • Misc: Added MouseEvent polyfill
  • VFS: Download now actually downloads instead if inline
  • VFS: Added options argument to url()
  • GUI: Added debugging support to Scheme
  • GUI: Fixed ListView sorting
  • GUI: Fixed dnd in ListView
  • GUI: Fixed contextmenu triggering in wrong element for dataview
  • GUI: Changed some errors to warnings
  • CoreWM: Updated translations
  • MusicPlayer: Fixed slider bugging out when holding for to long
  • MusicPlayer: Now triggers on attention signal
  • build: Added ‘–out’ to config:set
  • build: Prevent spammy behaviour in watcher
  • build: Bugfixes for config:set
  • build: Updated help