UPDATE: Version bump - alpha83

Hi All,

This release brings a new Session Management system for the node server and a
bunch of bugfixes and compability updates.



  • Settings: Hide unavailable modules
  • CoreWM: Fixes to notification system
  • Connection: Added automatic reconnection if WS drops out
  • Utils: Bugfixes
  • API: ‘getApplicationResource()’ now returns correct VFS paths
  • VFS: Bugfixes
  • VFS: Added sorting to scandir
  • GUI: Added ‘click’ alias for gui-menu ‘select’
  • GUI: Sortable ListView
  • server-php: Bugfixes
  • server-php: Added support for chunked HTTP file transfers
  • server-php: Now PSR-2 compatible as well
  • server-node: Bugfixes
  • server-node: Added ‘Service’ example
  • server-node: Fill in blanks if any in config on init
  • server-node: Moved ‘defaultGroups’ into core
  • server-node: Websocket can now have a custom path
  • server-node: Better logging on init
  • server-node: New Session management via Cookies
  • server-node: Better error handling
  • build: Bugfixes and improvements
  • build: Added new ‘config:’ tasks for overlay configuration
  • build: Updated error handling
  • build: Added more configuration generators
  • build: Added support for adding custom modules
  • build: Updated help
  • misc: Some code standard updates
  • misc: Updated locales
  • misc: Updated templates
  • misc: Changed from ‘node-fs-extra’ to ‘node-fs’
  • misc: Updated package.json dependencies
  • misc: Added some compability checks
  • misc: Updated Dockerfile
  • misc: Updated Travis CI
  • misc: Updated documentation
  • misc: Cleaned up filetree