UPDATE: Version bump - alpha82

Hi All,

This release brings new Broadway implementation, Support for HTTP middleware,
server and build system improvements and lots of bugfixes.



  • Broadway: New implementation
  • MusicPlayer: Updated API
  • CoreWM: Make the .desktop folder on demand
  • core: Better handling of errors on init
  • core: Added some debugging symbols
  • GUI: Fixed gui-tabs border problems
  • server-php: Improved error handling
  • server-php: Added password_compat support
  • server-php: Added middleware support
  • server-php: Added VFSTransport base class
  • server-php: VFS Transport classes now has getRealPath() method
  • server-php: Added phpdoc
  • server-php: Bugfixes
  • server-node: Trigger warning when system storage cannot read JSON
  • server-node: Added ‘sqlite’ storage module
  • server-node: Added ‘sqlite’ authenticator module
  • server-node: Updated debugging and logging
  • server-node: Added middleware support
  • server-node: Added graceful shutdown support
  • server-node: Updated tmp-dir support
  • server-node: Configurable WS port
  • server-node: Better handling of file streams in http responses
  • server-node: Added chunked response support in HTTP
  • server-node: Bugfixes
  • build: Removed NW support
  • build: Added Electron support
  • build: Add ‘ro’ and ‘transport’ to mount cli action
  • build: The ‘config:get’ task now has better output
  • build: Separated splash screen into separate template
  • build: Updated LESS compilation
  • build: Added some feedback messages on certain tasks
  • build: Now copies dist templates recursively
  • build: Bugfixes
  • misc: Updated favicon
  • misc: Updated copyright notices
  • misc: Updated dependencies
  • misc: Added Node v4 checks
  • misc: Removed .gitmodules
  • misc: Removed vendor/ directory
  • misc: Removed doc/ directory
  • misc: Cleaned up Gruntfile
  • misc: Updated some examples and template files
  • misc: Updated eslint rules
  • misc: Updated jsdoc
  • misc: Updated Docerfile
  • misc: Updated Vagrantfile
  • misc: Updated INSTALL
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