UPDATE: Version bump - alpha80

Hi All,

Below you can see the changes that occurred over the last month. Thanks to the community for testing and helping with feedback on this one!

New Settings application, package management and user management subsystem, developer features and build system. Improvements and bugfixes.



  • Calculator: Bugfixes
  • FileManager: Updates to context menu and bugfixes
  • Settings: Completely rewritten
  • CoreWM: Improvements to loading process
  • Broadway: Fix contextmenu position
  • API: Support for creating applications without prototype chain
  • API: Launch now uses preloader scheme support
  • API: Scheme now injected into Application::init()
  • API: message() now supports filtering
  • API: New package subsystem
  • VFS: WebDAV updates
  • VFS: Added operation shortcuts to File object
  • MountManager: Can now save and restore custom mountpoints
  • Utils: Preloader improvements
  • Utils: Preloader now supports parallel loading
  • Utils: Preloader now supports Scheme files
  • Utils: Added $create() method
  • GUI: Now possible to include external files in Schemes
  • GUI: Scheme files are now cached
  • GUI: Menu bugfixes
  • GUI: ListView now scrolls into correct position on refresh
  • GUI: ListView now respects attributes in head elements from html
  • GUI: Now possible to deselect items by clicking outside entries
  • GUI: iOS support improvements
  • GUI: Better handling of transitions and animations
  • UI: Better hotkey handling
  • Themes: Added some generic CSS classes
  • Themes: Correction of resource paths
  • server-node: Added new package manager
  • server-node: Added new package manager via handler
  • server-php: Added new user management
  • server-php: Added new package manager via handler
  • server-php: Improvements
  • misc: Optimizations and minor code improvements
  • misc: Support for loading package preloads on boot
  • misc: Removed PackageManager application. Everything can be found in Settings
  • misc: Updated unit tests
  • misc: Updated locales
  • misc: Updated docs
  • misc: Linting
  • build: Rewritten build system
  • build: Standalone build updates