UPDATE: Version bump - alpha79

Hi All,

Below you can see the changes that occurred over the last months (I’ve been on vacation, so this is a bit late).

Hope y’all have a great weekend! :beers:

Some changes occurred in the Handler: The entire API-call implementation was cleaned up
and should now be easier to read and understand. If you had any special implementation of
this (with the methods prefixed “__call”), you’ll have to refactor. You can now also pass your options easier, ex:

MyHandler.prototype.getAPICallOptions = function() {
  return {
    requestHeaders: {
      'Authorization': localStorage.getItem('token')

Core API WebSocket support, Desktop now uses VFS mount, New touch menu, Bugfixes, Improvements and optimizations.



  • UI: Support for RTL languages
  • CoreWM: Now uses core fullscreen handling
  • CoreWM: Added hook for contextmenu
  • CoreWM: All settings moved to src/conf
  • CoreWM: New touchmenu
  • CoreWM: Desktop now uses real path from VFS
  • Writer: Bugfixes and UIX improvements
  • Preview: Added zooming capabilities for images
  • Calculator: Prevent device keyboard to come up on mobile
  • FirefoxMarketplace: Moved to the ‘experimental’ repo
  • Utils: Added mousewheel to the event handler
  • Utils: Added getCookie() function
  • Core: Added support for WebSocket API calls
  • Handler: New connection code abstraction
  • API: Added ‘toggleFullscreen’ method
  • VFS: Added support for aliases in mounts
  • VFS: Added Desktop mount alias
  • GUI: gui-statusbar now handles its children better
  • GUI: Bugfixes from any changes in previous release
  • GUI: gui-list-view now has text ellipse just like the body content
  • server-node: Added ‘testing’ mode
  • server-node: Updated unit tests
  • server-node: Added default groups for system logins
  • server-node: Added proper logging
  • server-php: Fixes for installations in sub-directories
  • build: Added package listing grunt command
  • build: Updated grunt commands
  • locales: Updated Korean (ko_KR) translations
  • locales; Added Arabic (ar_DZ) translations
  • misc: Now using eslint instead of jslint+jscs
  • misc: Updated Travis CI
  • misc: General linting and cleanups
  • misc: Optimizations
  • misc: Updated documentation
  • misc: Updated dependencies