UPDATE: Version bump - alpha78

Hi All,

Below you can see the changes that occured over the last month.

Hope y’all have a great weekend! :beers:

New event handling and touch system, VFS improvements, bugfixes and entire codebase now uses JSDoc.


  • UI: Entirely new touch event handling system
  • UI: Updated IE support
  • UI: General performance improvements
  • Utils: Added $css() method
  • Utils: Added extend and inherit methods
  • Core: XHR requests now always responds with correct errors
  • Core: Added LocaleDetect config for automatic locale detection
  • Core: Added MountManager Class for maintining mounts
  • CoreWM: Bugfixes
  • Themes: Added @base_font_size variable
  • API: getConfig() no longer throws errors and instead return defined default value
  • API: open() now supports directories
  • VFS: Added LocalStorage module
  • VFS: Added Web Transport module
  • VFS: Improvements to read-only mounts
  • VFS: Reworked internal Transport APIs
  • VFS: Better configuration support
  • VFS: Can now natively use http/https paths
  • VFS: File now guesses MIME type automatically
  • VFS: Fixes to OneDrive
  • Handler: More extension support
  • GUI: Added more helpers to UIElement
  • GUI: Reworked gui-menu event handling
  • GUI: Rewroked gui-menu-bar event handling
  • GUI: Reworked DataView event handling
  • GUI: Added programatic support for all menu elements
  • GUI: Rewrote expensive CSS rules
  • locales: Updated vi_VN
  • server-node: Now possible to override home path resolver
  • server-node: Application apis now loaded when server starts
  • server-node: Added pre-init support for application APIs
  • server-php: Better Windows support
  • misc: Updated src/conf organization
  • misc: Split up some namespaces/files
  • misc: General cleanups
  • misc: Removed unused and deprecated functions
  • misc: General bugfixes based on feedback from community
  • build: Improved package preload parsing in Grunt
  • doc: Entire codebase now uses JSDoc
  • doc: Added examples