UPDATE: Version bump - alpha77

Hi All,

Below you can see the changes that occured over the last month.

Hope y’all have a great weekend! :beers:

A ton of new features, massive amount of cleanups. General bugfixes and improvements to documentation and developer features.



  • Core: New ‘Process’ event system
  • Core: Better handling of autostarting
  • Core: Added more internal hooks
  • CoreWM: Improvements to smaller screen support
  • CoreWM: window list panel item now has context menu from actual window
  • CoreWM: Rewritten panel CSS implementation (better scaling and rotation support)
  • CoreWM: Better touch menu handling
  • CoreWM: Proper hotkey handling via configs
  • CoreWM: Fixed wrong calculation of desktop area when panel is on bottom
  • CoreWM: Trigger resize() when responsive design kicks in/out
  • CoreWM: CSS improvements
  • settings-manager: bugfixes
  • dialogs: Better handling of ‘markdown-ish’ messages
  • window: Added ‘inited’ hook/signal
  • WindowManager: Prevent crash when Window::init fails
  • Themes: Support for custom base LESS files
  • GUI: Disabled spell-shecking etc by default from textual inputs
  • GUI: Cleanups of some methods
  • GUI: Added scoped son() for events so you can bind context
  • GUI: Added get('selected') to ‘gui-tabs’
  • GUI: ‘gui-fileview’ no longer shows empty columns on ‘0 bytes’
  • GUI: Prevent error on invalid triggers in ‘Scheme’
  • GUI: Scheme now supports using app:// to load src attributes
  • GUI: ‘gui-list-view’ now behaves as a table
  • GUI: Bugfixes in Scheme
  • UI: Better user-select CSS
  • Handler: Exposed `saveSession()``
  • API: Better application shutdown API
  • API: Fixes to getThemeResource()
  • API: Cleanups
  • Utils: $index() now checks elements to prevent errors
  • Utils: dirname() bugfixes
  • Utils: Added $parent() function
  • Utils: Added keyCombination() function
  • Utils: Improved preloader
  • VFS: Throw exceptions as early as possible in the API chain
  • VFS: Improved copying between different mountpoints
  • VFS: Updated signals and error handling
  • VFS: Cleanups
  • locales: Updated vi_VN
  • server-node: Moved core code into ‘core’ directory
  • server-node: Better commandline option support
  • server-node: Some improvements to scandir()
  • server-node: Display correct url when launching server
  • server-node: Added uncaughtException handler
  • server-node: Refactoring of entire API chain method arguments
  • server-node: Cleanups and bugfixes
  • build: Improved windows support in build scripts
  • build: Added support for append version string in resources
  • build: Customizable watermarks
  • build: Support for LESS files in applications
  • build: Support for custom before/after scripts in application build process
  • misc: More work on developer environment
  • misc: Updated unit tests
  • misc: Updated bithoundrc
  • misc: Fixed typos in documentation
  • misc: Updated docs