UPDATE: Version bump - alpha76

Hi All,

Below you can see the changes that occured over the last month.

Hope y’all have a great weekend! :beers:

Search Engine, HTTP/2 support, bugfixes, improvements

This update brings you a new Search Engine implementation, HTTP/2 support, lots of bugfixes and general impreovements. Also a new HTML Viewer application.



  • Core: Implemented Search Engine
  • API: Prevent Script Error Line 0 error
  • GUI: Fixed a bug in ListView where wrong element was removed
  • GUI: DataView now has get('entry') for getting all entries
  • HTMLViewer: New application
  • CoreWM: Added support for custom labels on desktop iconview entires
  • CoreWM: Better resizing of windows
  • CoreWM: Cleanups
  • CoreWM: Fixed a case where custom CSS was not generated properly
  • CoreWM: Prevent applySetting from triggering on watches
  • CoreWM: Added search panel item
  • CoreWM: Support dynamic CSS media queries
  • CoreWM: Better panel scaling
  • Settings: Prevent errors when selecting non-existing category
  • VFS: Regenerate user metadata when you remove a user-installed package
  • VFS: Added ‘searhable’ mountpoint attribute
  • VFS: Added ‘find()’ method
  • windows: Better hooks API
  • server-node: Now supports HTTP/2
  • handlers: Reduce codesize with traits
  • misc: Cleanups and general code improvements
  • misc: Some fixes for IE
  • build: Support CSS map files
  • build: Remove some deprecated stuff
  • build: Configurable media queries
  • doc: Updated handler docs
  • doc: Updated API docs