UPDATE: Version bump - alpha75

Hi All,

Below you can see the changes that occured over the last month.

Not everything is there, but this is sort of a digest I do every month to show progress :slight_smile:

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

Bugfixes, Locale updates, Security and general improvements.

  • API: Prevent error when preload list is empty
  • API: Fixed dependencies being loaded in wrong order
  • API: Added ‘onApplicationPreload’ hook
  • API: getApplicationResource can now return VFS path
  • GUI: Improved error handling in FileView
  • GUI: Menu now opens subitems to the left if they escape the viewport
  • GUI: gui-iframe now has automatic webview detection
  • VFS: registerMountpoint now respects the ‘enabled’ property
  • VFS: Fix upload problems in #364
  • VFS: Fixed error handling where some code lead to false-positives
  • Utils: Added ‘asyncs’ method
  • Utild: ‘dirname’ no longer throws error on empty input
  • Core: Added lots of freezing/sealing of object to make things immutable
  • CoreWM: Update locale properly on saving of settings (visual bug)
  • CoreWM: Application list generation now uses ‘visible’ metadata property
  • CoreWM: Moved window switcher to ‘ALT+TILDE’
  • CoreWM: Added support for modifying shortcuts on desktop (via dialog)
  • Calculator: Added Infinity check
  • FileManager: Fixed . triggering DELETE key
  • package-manager: Added support for adding dummy packages on runtime
  • package-manager: Immutable getters
  • process: Added _getResource(str) shortcut
  • application: Added _loadScheme() shortcut
  • Locales: Updated vi_VN
  • Locales: Updated fa_FA
  • Locales: Updated fr_FR
  • Locales: Updated nl_NL
  • server-node: Added system login abstraction to handler
  • server-node: Updated PAM handler
  • server-node: Added ‘Shadow’ handler
  • server-node: Default Handler can now handle directory formatting properly
  • server-node: Added colored logging output
  • server-node: Updated internal proxy support
  • server-node: Now uses tmpdir defined in config
  • server-node: Improved file uploading support
  • intel-edison: Now uses the shadow handler
  • intel-edison: Updated support and filesystem
  • build: Updated intel-edison support
  • build: Updated package build support (ex, arduino, edison, raspi)
  • build: opkg templates updated
  • build: Now using grunt-contrib-validate-xml for Scheme validation
  • build: Icon Packs now support ‘parent’ theme
  • build: Added ‘grunt packages:list’ task
  • build: Fixed usage on wrong identifier for autostart generation
  • doc: Updated documentation
  • doc: Updated README
  • doc: Updated INSTALL
  • doc: New Screenshot in README
  • misc: Updated dependencies

Someone’s been busy :smile:

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I try to keep busy :slight_smile:

Great job!!
keep it up!

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Appreciate it. Thanks, man :slight_smile: