UPDATE: Version bump - alpha74

Hi All,

Below you can see the changes that occured over the last month.

Not everything is there, but this is sort of a digest I do every month to show progress :slight_smile:

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

New wallpaper, UI improvements, bugfixes and many improvements to the build system(s). Also new developer features!


API CHANGE: NOTICE: Recent API changes


  • UI: New Wallpaper
  • UI: Added loading bar to boot
  • UI: Added WAI-ARIA support
  • UI: Schemes can now change window properties (like dimensions)
  • GUI: Fixed menu not disappearing in certain cases
  • GUI: Added getNextElement() helper method
  • GUI: Better show() and hide() methods for GUI Elements
  • GUI: GUI Elements now has appendHTML() method
  • GUI: GUI Elements now has remove() and empty() methods
  • GUI: append() in GUI Elements now builds items correctly (when doing it dynamically)
  • GUI: Added minimum sizes to some containers where missing
  • GUI: gui-image src checked if null
  • GUI: Fixed radios not getting unselected properly
  • GUI: Better Scheme APIs
  • GUI: Added DnD support to TreeView
  • GUI: Updated gui-richtext error handling
  • GUI: Updated gui-paned-view resize events to be more precise
  • GUI: All elements now support clipboard
  • GUI: Better DataView abstractions for ease of development (extensions)
  • API: Updated cURL method with new functionality
  • API: Added onhashchange support for application messaging
  • API: Deprecated Application::_call() in favour of Application::_api()
  • API: API.call() now has pattern => fn(err, res)
  • API: Moved API::createDraggable() to GUI::Helpers::createDraggable()
  • API: Moved API::createDroppable() to GUI::Helpers::createDroppable()
  • Dialogs: Prevent HTML injection in confirm dialog
  • Dialogs: Focus the ‘abort’ button by default
  • Windows: Updated next tab support
  • Windows: Added _find() shortcut for scheme
  • Windows: Added _findByQuery() shortcut for scheme
  • Utils: Better $hasClass
  • ProcessViewer: Remaned forgotten file
  • MusicPlayer: Updated compability
  • FileManager: Now has clipboard support
  • FileManager: Added new keyboard shortcuts
  • Calculator: Focus is now always on the input field
  • locales: Added missing it_IT translations
  • locales: Improved ru_RU translations
  • package-manager: Better extension support
  • package-manager: Updated user-installed package support
  • platform: Updated edison support
  • build: Updated NW support
  • build: Removed all dist files, now generated from template
  • build: Updated config generation and setting
  • build: Updated manifest generation
  • build: Fixed setting configs with leading zeroes
  • build: Metadata now supports uses property
  • build: Metadata now supports depends property
  • build: Apache files now generated with proxies from config
  • build: Enabling/Disabling packages now happends in config, not manifest
  • server-node: Added ‘rawtype’ option to VFS::write()
  • server-node: Prevent crash when loading of extension fails
  • server-node: Added support for proxies
  • server-node: Now supports spawning child processes
  • server-node: Now uses proper sessions via cookie
  • config: Updated to relative paths
  • misc: Updated Travis support
  • misc: Updated Vagrant support
  • misc: Updated Docker support
  • misc: Updated packages.json dependencies
  • misc: Updated MIME database
  • misc: Cleanups
  • doc: Updated CONTRIBUTING
  • doc: Updated README
  • doc: Updated INSTALL
  • doc: Updated homepage
  • doc: Updated docs
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