NOTICE: Upcoming Server API changes


Just wanted to let you know that there’s some changes coming to (all) the Server-side APIs.

This is due to a total overhault of the backends, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

I’m keeping backward compability, but there’s no guarantee this will work 100% – but luckily the changes should be really easy to refactor.

You can see al the changes here: https://gitter.im/os-js/topics/topic/5818ce090b10738c73fe24e0/new-server-codebase-and-handler-abstraction

Keep an eye out on the progress until launch: https://github.com/os-js/OS.js/issues/527

UPDATE: This will be merged into the production branch by the end of November.

Also, this brings entirely new manuals! Check it out here: https://os.js.org/manual/

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