FEATURE: JSDoc documentation

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know that I am transitioning to JSDoc.

When I first started OS.js, JSDoc 3 was not a ting yet, so I wrote my own parser that pretty much worked just the same but had slight differences in syntax and how to express namespaces and deep parameter listings.

All client-side docs have now been rewritten and has a completely new template. I also went over the entire codebase to ensure that everything is correct. I also added documentation of most of the common Class members and global callbacks.

It should now be much easier to read and navigate the documentatation. It also makes it much easier for the community to make changes as JSDoc is very well documented.

Link: https://os.js.org/doc/client/

NOTE: Any old links to the documentation is now broken as hosting is done by Github. But on a positive note, URLs are now much better!

NOTE: This also means that you can have full autocomplete support in your editor. For vim, you can use ctags for pretty much complete coverage of the entire API (should be supported in other popular editors as well)

Feedback on this is most welcome. Tell me what you want to see in the docs!