FEATURE: Import files in your schemes

Hi All,

Today I pushed some changes that will allow you to include files in your schemes. This way you can split your layouts over multiple files :smile:

You can of course put the files into separate directories.


This is an example using both types of available fragments.


<application-window data-id="SchemeTestWindow">
    <gui-vbox-container data-grow="0" data-shrink="1" data-basis="auto">

      <!-- You can still use the old way to split up into sections -->
      <gui-fragment data-fragment-id="MenuBar" />

    <gui-vbox-container data-grow="1" data-shrink="0" data-basis="auto" data-fill="true">

      <!-- And now you can also split them up into files :) -->
      <gui-fragment data-fragment-external="scheme-part.html" />


<application-fragment data-id="MenuBar">
    <gui-menu-bar-entry data-label="LBL_FILE">
      <gui-menu data-id="SubmenuFile">
        <gui-menu-entry data-id="MenuClose" data-label="LBL_CLOSE"></gui-menu-entry>


  <h1>This is just a test</h1>
  <p>ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn</p>