FEATURE: Create applications without prototype chain


Hi All,

Today I pushed an update that allows you to create applications without using the prototype chain. This allows for more compact code and much less noise.


  function runApplication(app) {
    app._on('init', function(settings, metadata, scheme) {
      // Create Window when application has been initialized
      var win = new Window('EXAMPLEWindow', {
        icon: metadata.icon,
        title: metadata.name,
        width: 400,
        height: 200
      }, app, scheme);

      win._on('init', function(root, scheme) {
        // Window was inited
        scheme.render(this, this._name, root);

      win._on('inited', function(scheme) {
        // Window inited and rendered


  OSjs.Applications.ApplicationEXAMPLE = {
    run: runApplication

How to create new package

Simply do:

$ node osjs generate:package --name=repo/PackageName --type=simple

Manual: https://os.js.org/manual/package/application/

UPDATE: Version bump - alpha80

This has been removed from v2.1 because the overhead is now gone and it fits better with the modular style.